Department of Journalism

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Contact: Sheilagh Hanley
Office: Integrative Learning Center, Room S419

Chair (fall 2020 and spring 2021): Senior Lecturer Brian McDermott. Chair (summer 2020): Lecturer Greeley Kyle. Professor: List; Associate Professors: Braun, Forde, McBride, Zamith; Assistant Professors: Lee, Whipple; Senior Lecturers: Donohue, Fox, McDermott, Roche, Sibii; Lecturer: Kyle; Adjunct Lecturers: Adolph, Berman, Carey, Daglas, Forcier, Foudy, Griffin, Janovy, Kyle, Leland, Lollis, Neal, Parnass, Rathbun, Thibault, Tuttle.