Master of Science in Engineering Management Degree Program

The MSEM degree is a 10-course (30-credit) program that is offered both fully online and on-campus.  Students can also choose to take some courses on-campus and some online to accommodate their busy schedules and access the full array of courses the university offers.  The new flexible curriculum aims to provide both a management perspective and a solid foundation on engineering methods, while allowing students to craft their own curriculum focusing on their interensts and career goals.

Flexible Curriculum

Core I - Managment Perspective (Choose at least 3)

  • Finance and Accounting for Engineers OR Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Strategy-Driven Engineering Innovation
  • Engineering Project and Information Management
  • Engineering Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering Law and Ethics OR Business Law
  • Negotiations

Core II - Engineering Methods (Choose at least 3)

  • Human Factors Design
  • Principles of Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Economic Decision Making
  • Network Optimization
  • Multiple Criteria Decision Making & Decision Analysis
  • Analytics and Statistical Learning Optimization
  • Advanced Production Planning

The remaining courses can be chosen from a wide selection of electives.  Students are encouraged to take graduate courses on their own engineering field to deepen their technical expertise.  In addition, students can do up to 2 courses as a practicum or independent study working with a faculty advisor and potentially an industrial partner.  To complete the full program requirements, students must take at least five program courses from the MIE Department, and no more than three courses outside the MIE and ISOM.  Finally, the department requires 21 credits at the 600 level or higher, and will not count any pass/fail credits towards the degree.