Minor in Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology is the study of plant diseases caused by biological organisms such as insects, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and environmental factors such as lack of water, improper nutrition, and pollution. Plant pathologists diagnose the condition of a plant, and determine the cause of the problem and what can be done to solve it. Requirements of the minor are outlined below, but students interested in minoring in Plant Pathology should contact the Stockbridge School of Agriculture Undergraduate Program Office at 413-545-2222 for further guidance.


STOCKSCH 505 General Plant Pathology (4 cr; Fall)


A minimum of 12 credits chosen from the following courses:

STOCKSCH 397/597 Special Topics courses (up to 4 credits)
STOCKSCH 496 Independent Study (up to 2 credits)
STOCKSCH 510 Management & Ecology of Plant Diseases (3 cr; Spring, odd yrs.)
STOCKSCH 525 Mycology (4 cr; Fall, odd years)
STOCKSCH 535 Diagnostic Plant Pathology (4 cr; Spring)