The Minor

The Department of Aerospace Studies also offers a minor in Aerospace Studies. While the minor is most appropriate for those wishing to pursue a commission as an officer in the Air Force, it is open to all students at the university without incurring any military obligation. A minor in Aerospace Studies provides knowledge about the aerospace studies field, aviation history, military law, aspects of national security, and developing management and leadership skills. Training gained through the minor is an asset to those students interested in government employment (non-military and military) or aerospace-related industries in the private sector.


Students must complete a minimum of 15 credits, taken from AEROSPAC 111-112 (1 cr each); AEROSPAC 223-224 (1 cr each), AEROSPAC 335-336 (3 cr each); or AEROSPAC 441-442 (3 cr each).

The required minimum GPA for the minor is 3.0.

For more information on the minor, contact the Aerospace Studies Department, tel. (413) 545-2437, email: