The Minor

Students wishing to minor in English must complete six courses, including ENGLISH 200 Intensive Literary Studies Seminar for Intended Majors; one course in British literature; one course in American literature;  one course in global Anglophone or ethnic American literature, culture or rhetorics at a 200- or higher level, and two upper-level departmental electives, one of which must be at a 200- or higher level and the other of which must be at a 300- or higher level.

Of these six courses for the minor, no more than two may be transfer or inter-departmental courses, and those courses must be pre-approved at the English Undergraduate Office. Courses with a grade below C will not be accepted toward the minor.

A total of six courses (19 credits) are required for the minor, including the following:

  • ENGLISH 200
  • One course in British literature and culture
  • One course in American literature and culture
  • One course in global Anglophone or ethnic American literature, culture or rhetorics at a 200 or higher level
  • Two upper level electives,* one of which may be at the 200-level.

Specializations/Certificates in American Studies; Creative Writing; Digital Humanities + Games (DHG); Environmental Humanities; Literature as History; Social Justice: Race, Class, Gender, Ability; The Study and Practice of Writing (SPOW); Teaching the English Language Arts (TELA); The Individualized Option; and Professional Writing and Technical Communication (PWTC) are also available for students of any major to pursue.