The Minor

For the Minor in Theater, students must complete the following:

Two of the Following Three:

  • TH120 – Fundamentals of Play Analysis (3 credits)
  • TH140 – Fundamentals of Acting (3 credits)
  • TH160 – Fundamentals of Stagecraft (3 credits)

Upper Level

  • Two upper-level courses in two fields of Theater (associated with the two intro courses selected from the three above): 6 credits minimum total


  • TH110 – Backstage Practice (1 credit)

Additional Credits

Any other 3- or 4-credit course within the Department of Theater, including Theater’s general education courses that do not count towards the major:

  • TH 100 – Theatrical Frontiers: Live Performance in the World Today
  • TH 105 – Drama and the Media
  • TH 130 – Contemporary Playwrights of Color

If you are a UMass student considering the Minor in Theater, please make an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Director, Amy Altadonna, to complete the paperwork and discuss your progress toward the minor.