The Major

Students who major in Environmental Science take required courses that provide a background in natural sciences, mathematics, and environmental science.


  • First-Year: First-year students attend two required seminars: the Fall seminar is designed to orient them to the major and introduce them to the wide array of academic and co-curricular resources available to them at the university. The Spring seminar introduces students to an assortment of the Program faculty and the research they are doing. This “Flavors of EnviSci” seminar is instrumental in helping students hone in on their own area of specialization within the major. 
  • Second Year: A required second-year seminar in Career & Curriculum Planning guides students in the development of a personalized course plan to meet their interests and career goals. Guest speakers from private industry and governmental agencies provide insights about career opportunities in these sectors.
  • Additional Course Information:
    • A core curriculum of four courses and a Junior Year Writing course are also required for all majors. These core requirements provide a solid foundation in the social, economic, and scientific aspects of environmental problem solving.
    • Students learn how to apply scientific data to address complex environmental problems and to establish coherent environmental policy options to protect and sustain the environment. 
    • A diverse selection of upper-level courses allows students to work with their faculty advisor to design a unique curriculum tailored to their individual interests and needs.

All students are required to complete two praxis (hands-on) experiences to ensure that they have practical skills to prepare them to successfully enter the marketplace upon graduation.

For further information on the Environmental Science major, please go to the Program website: