Department of Astronomy

College of Natural Sciences

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Arts

Contact: Houjun Mo, Chief Undergraduate Adviser
Office: 536 Lederle GRC Tower C
Phone: (413) 577-0394

Head, Department of Astronomy: Daniela Calzetti. Five College Astronomy Chair: Alexandra Pope. Professors: Calzetti, Giavalisco, Irvine, Katz, Mo, Pope, Schloerb, Schneider, Snell, Tripp, Wang, Weinberg, Wilson, Yun; Research Professors: Erickson, Heyer, Narayanan; Research Associate Professor: Gutermuth; Other Astronomy faculty in the Five Colleges: Burbine, Dyar, Edwards, Follette, Hameed, Lowenthal, Young, Ward-Duong.

The Five College Department of Astronomy is administered jointly with Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges. The elementary courses for nonmajors are taught separately at each campus, but all advanced courses are given on a joint basis for students from the five participating institutions.