Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

210 Design Building

Department Chair: Professor Robert Ryan, Professors: Brabec, Carr, E. Hamin Infield, Renski, Ryan; Associate Professors: Clouse, McGirr, Ramsey-Musolf, Sleegers; Assistant Professors: Aragon, Barchers, Eisenman, Solano; Extension Assistant Professor: DiPasquale; Senior Lecturers II: Davidsohn, M. Hamin; Lecturers: Feiden, Thurber; Emeritus: Ahern, Bischoff, Fabos, Gross, Lindhult, Mullin, Pader, Volpe. 

The Department offers two undergraduate degrees related to the planning and design of sustainable communities.

The Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture is a studio-based, professionally-accredited degree that creatively engages the landscape visually, spatially, ecologically and culturally.  The field of landscape architecture prepares students to design beautiful and sustainable landscapes on a variety of scales, from residential gardens to regional-scale landscape planning.

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Community Development is more flexible in its curriculum and allows students to broadly explore ways of envisioning sustainable communities.  Students will become familiar with the theories and techniques of design and planning for creating equitable and beautiful communities, conserving the environment, and responding to other social, cultural, economic and political challenges of the built environment.

The department also offers an Associate of Science (two-year) degree in Landscape Contracting

Information about departmental programs is available on the website: