Getting Started

College: CNS

Information below is meant to guide first year students in getting started with this major and choosing appropriate courses. More advanced students interested in this major would also likely start with proposed foundation/pre-requisite courses. Please refer to the Major page located in the left menu bar to learn about the full major requirements.

How to Explore the Major

Suggested General Education Courses

All Undergraduates are required to satisfy the General Education Requirements. Guidelines for students are available at Students should choose a wide variety of Gen Ed courses, providing breadth of experience.

Any Social World/Diversity courses are recommended.

Suggested Major Courses

  • BIOLOGY 151, BIOLOGY 152 and BIOLOGY 153 lab
  • CHEM 111 and CHEM 112 (if eligible according to Math Placement Exam)
  • One of the following Mathematics courses: STATISTC 240, RES-ECON 212
  • One the following Mathematics courses: MATH 127, STATISTC 501, CMPSCI 121

How to Declare/Change into the Major

For current & admitted students: This major is unrestricted, which means any student may declare the major. Unrestricted majors may still have an entry process such a meeting with an advisor or attending an informational meeting.

Students should meet with the Biology undergraduate advisors in Morrill III 216

Summary of Requirements for the Major

Refer to the Major page located in the left menu bar to learn more.

The course requirements for Biology emphasize fundamental scientific concepts while allowing students to tailor a program to their own interests. Minimum total # of credits required: 67

Is there a minor? If so what are the requirements?
Yes - A minor is available! Refer to the Minor page located in the left menu bar to learn more.

For further information, contact:
Professor Bruce Byers or Ms. Susan Clevenger
Morrill III 216