The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

260 Introduction to Law (Now listed as SCH-MGMT 260)

291LH Honors Colloquium for Introduction to Law (1 add'l credit)

301 Principles of Management

314 Human Resource Management

330 Organizational Behavior

334 Strategic Compensation

341 New Ventures

342 New Ventures Financing

343 New Ventures Growth

361 The Law of Contractual Business Relationships

362 The Law of Enterprise Organization

365 Business and Its Environment

366 Foundations of Sustainable Enterprise

379 Behavior in the Global Economy

390L Labor and Employment Law for Human Resources

391E Environmental Law

397R Corporate Entrepreneurship

397W Workforce Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

448 International Management

462 Social Entrepreneurship

488 Strategic Management for a Sustainable World

494BI Business Policy and Strategy

497S Sustainable Product Innovation (Cross-Listed with Marketing)

498 Senior Honors

499 Senior Honors

SCH-MGMT 350 Professional Ethics in Contemporary Society

SCH-MGMT 391A Introduction to Global Business

SCH-MGMT 397A Introduction to Entrepreneurship

SCH-MGMT 499 C/D Honors Thesis Seminar