Getting Started

Last updated Spring 2021

College: CNS

Information below is meant to guide first-year students in getting started with this major and choosing appropriate courses.  More advanced students interested in this major would also likely start with proposed foundation/pre-requisite courses.  Please refer to the Major page located in the left menu bar to learn about the full major requirements.

How to Explore the Major

Suggested General Education Courses:

All Undergraduates are required to satisfy the General Education Requirements.  Guidelines for students are available at  Students should choose a wide variety of Gen Ed courses, providing breadth of experience.

General Education classes are selected according to student interests and goals: For students with a vocational teaching interest, we recommend PSYCH 100 - Introductory Psychology.  For students interested in animal-related businesses, we recommend ECON 103 - Intro. to Microeconomics.

Suggested Major and Pre-Requisite Courses

  • BIOLOGY 151-152 and BIOLOGY 153 (lab)
  • CHEM 111-112
  • MATH 104 or MATH 127* Students with a score of 20 or better on the Algebra portion of the Math Placement Exam can register for both MATH 127 and CHEM 111 in the Fall.
    (NOTE: If their Algebra score is between 16 and 19, students should take MATH 104 in the Fall and CHEM 111 in the Spring. If their Algebra score is between 0 and 15, CHEM 111 must be taken after successful completion of both MATH 101 and MATH 102.)
  • ANIMLSCI 101 (Fall) and ANIMLSCI 103 (Spring) --or--
  • ANIMLSCI 105 and 105L (Fall) and ANIMLSCI 115 and 115L (Spring) restricted to Veterinary Technology Majors
  • ENGLWRIT 112 and other gen ed courses

*MATH 127 is required for the Pre-Vet. major and recommended for the Biotechnology concentration in the Animal Science major.

BIOL 151 should be taken by the second semester of the freshmen year and CHEM 111 by the first semester of the sophomore year. Animal Science courses usually taken by second year students require minimum grades in BIOLOGY 151 (C or better) and CHEM 111 (C- or better). Since these Animal Science courses are prerequisites for upper level Animal Science courses, students with low grades in BIOLOGY 151 and CHEM 111 should reevaluate their timeline to graduate and their choice of major.

For transfer students with sophomore/junior standing, with the instructor’s permission, ANIMLSCI 103 can be taken without the prerequisite ANIMLSCI 101 with one caveat: that the student will be responsible for the material covered in ANIMLSCI 101. For graduation clearance, a science elective at the 300-level or higher can substitute for ANIMLSCI 101. It is highly recommended that students have previously completed one year of Biology (equivalent to BIOLOGY 151-152 and 153) and one year of college level General Chemistry (equivalent to CHEM 111/112).

How to Declare/Change into the Major

For current & admitted students: This major is unrestricted which means any student may declare the major. Unrestricted majors may still have an entry process such as meeting with an advisor or attending an informational meeting.

Students choose the Animal Management, or Biotechnology and Research, or Equine Science Concentration when they enter, or for students intending to work as veterinary nurses, they may choose Veterinary Technology.  Students completing predictor courses with a weighted average of B- or better are eligible to enter the Pre-Veterinary Science major.

Admission to Pre-Veterinary Science requires a minimum 2.7 GPA in nine specific science/math courses with a C or better in BIOLOGY 151, a C- or better in CHEM 111, and a C or better in ANIMLSCI 101.Students who wish to declare the Pre-Veterinary Science major must first complete a nine-course sequence with a minimum 2.7 GPA in these predictors and then submit a GPA Worksheet available on the department website to 427X ISB. For more information, please contact the chief undergraduate advisor listed below.

To enroll in Veterinary Technology courses, students must be enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Major. Email Dr. Rubin at to set up an advising appointment to change to the Veterinary Technology Major.

Summary of Requirements for the Major

Refer to the Major page located in the left menu bar to learn more.

BS - Pre-Veterinary Major   83 credits
BS - Animal Science - Biotechnology concentration   83 credits
BS - Animal Science - Animal Management  or Equine Science concentration   85 credits
BS - Veterinary Technology Major   95 credits

Is there a minor?
No! A minor is not available.

For further information, contact:
Susan Marston
Chief Undergraduate Advisor
427U ISB

For information on the Veterinary Technology major, contact:
Amy Rubin, DVM
Director, Veterinary Technology