University Graduation Requirements Summary

  1. 120 credits
  2. A cumulative average of at least 2.000, overall and in the major
  3. General Education requirements
    1. Writing—2 courses: College Writing and Junior Year Writing course in major department
    2. Social World & Diversity—16 credits, with at least one course focusing on UNITED STATES diversity and one course focusing on GLOBAL diversity: Literature or Arts (4 credits), Historical Studies (4 credits), Social and Behavioral Sciences (4 credits), and another 4 credits from any Social World (except HS) area or an Interdisciplinary or Science Interdisciplinary course.
    3. Biological and Physical Sciences—8 credits, with at least 4 credits in each area
    4. Basic Math Skills—1 course, or exemption by exam
    5. Analytic Reasoning—1 course
    6. Upper Division Integrative Experience—1 course offered during junior or senior year
  4. College requirements
  5. An approved major