Accelerated Master's Degree Programs

The following programs offer an accelerated master's degree program. Some of these programs welcome students from the four colleges (with appropriate preparation) or they may be limited to students who majored in these fields at the University. Several of the life science programs build on a junior/senior year research project in a participating faculty member's lab (including affiliated faculty at the four colleges). Please see the individual program page for details. 

Animal Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences
(2-year M.Arch.) 
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Education: Elementary Teacher Education Pathway
Engineering Management
Food Science
Industrial Engineering
Mathematics: Statistics
Mechanical Engineering
Microbiology: Applied Molecular Biotechnology
Molecular & Cellular Biology
Neuroscience & Behavior
Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Biology
Political Science
Public Health: Biostatistics (MS)
Public Health: Community Health Education (MPH)
Public Health: Epidemiology (MS, MPH)
Public Health: Health Policy & Management (MPH)
Public Health: Nutrition (MS)
Public Policy (MPP)
Regional Planning
Resource Economics