The Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Japanese

24 credits as follows:

  1. 12 credits of Japanese language:

    126 Intensive Elementary Japanese I or
    110 Non-intensive Elementary Japanese I
    120 Non-intensive Elementary Japanese II and 246 Intensive Elementary Japanese II

  2. Any courses from among the following (from either Group I or Group II, from both or similar approved course) for a total of 12 credits:
    1. Language and Linguistics

      326 Intensive Intermediate Japanese I
      327 Intensive Intermediate Japanese II
      375 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
      436 Contemporary Japanese I
      437 Contemporary Japanese II
      497A Readings in Modern Japanese I
      497C Readings in Modern Japanese II
      536 Advanced Modern Japanese I
      537 Advanced Modern Japanese II
      556 Introduction to Classical Japanese I
      557 Introduction to Classical Japanese II
      597C Problems and Methods in Translation

    2. Literature and Culture

      135 Japanese Art and Culture
      143 Japanese Literature: Classical and Medieval
      144 Japanese Literature: Modern
      197C Introduction to Japanese Religions
      197E Japanese Cinema
      197L Manga and Anime
      235 The Performing Arts of Japan
      291A Japanese Women Writers
      297A Japanese Popular Culture
      391A Landscape and Travel in Japanese Literature
      397M Japanese Buddhism and the Literary Arts
      492B Japanese Avant-Garde Drama
      492C Edo Pictorial Fiction
      591B Modern Japanese Philosophy
      592M Japanese Buddhism and the Literary Arts
      593A Heian Literary Culture
      597A Manuscript Japanese
      597R Tokugawa Culture
      HISTORY 116 History of East Asia: Japan

Note: Students who begin taking language courses at a level above the elementary level must take advanced courses sufficient to accumulate 24 credits for the minor. A grade of C or better is required for courses used to satisfy the minor requirement. Courses for the minor may not be taken Pass/Fail. No more than six credits taken through the Five College consortium will be accepted for the minor. No student who passes the program’s foreign language exemption exam may enroll in 110/120/126/127/246/247.