The Courses

The department of Psychological and Brain Sciences typically offers two to five 200+ level elective courses and ten to fifteen courses that satisfy the advanced seminar, small course, or lab course requirement each semester.  Topics vary from semester to semester. All Psychology required courses (see: The Major) are offered every semester.

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

100 Introductory Psychology (SB) 4 cr (both sem)

191B Principles of Biology 1 cr.

217 Psychology of Cruelty and Kindness

240 Statistics in Psychology (R2) 4 cr (both sem)

241 Methods of Inquiry in Psychology 4 cr (both sem)

297F Forensic Psychology

297S SPACE Peer Mentoring Program 1 cr. (both sem)

304 Brain, Mind and Behavior

310 Sensation and Perception

315 Cognitive Psychology (both sem)

318 Psychology of Language

320 Learning and Thinking (both sem)

330 Introduction to Neuroscience (both sem)

335 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

350 Developmental Psychology (both sem)

355 Adolescent Psychology

360 Social Psychology (both sem)

365 Psychology of Aging

370 Personality (SB) 4 cr

380 Abnormal Psychology (both sem)

383 Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy

391 Seminar (both sem)

392 Junior Year Writing Seminar 4 cr (both sem)

397P Health Psychology

430 Laboratory in Neuroscience

480 Intellectual Disability: Concepts and Controversies

481 Impact of Disabilities on Families

491 Seminar

494PI Professional Development in Psychology 1 cr (both sem)

535 Drugs and Behavior

581 Applied Behavior Analysis

591 Seminar