Getting Started

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Information below is meant to guide first year students in getting started with this major and choosing appropriate courses.  More advanced students interested in this major would also likely start with proposed foundation/pre-requisite courses.  Please refer to the Major page located in the left menu bar to learn about the full major requirements.

How to Explore the Major

Suggested General Education Courses

All Undergraduates are required to satisfy the General Education Requirements. Guidelines for students, are available at  Students should choose a wide variety of Gen Ed courses, providing breadth of experience.

Students are strongly advised to take the appropriate foundation math courses as early as possible (see below) in order not to be delayed in making progress in the Psychology major. Most students use PSYCH 240 as their R2, since only ONE course from the major can also be counted as a Gen. Ed.

Suggested Major and Pre-requisite courses

Required prerequisites, including recommended sequence:

  • PSYCH 100 (SB) or the equivalent is a prerequisite for all Psychology courses numbered 200-level and above. All students must receive a grade of “C-” or better in PSYCH 100 to enroll in PSYCH 240.
  • PSYCH 240* (R2), preferably by the end of the sophomore year. All students must receive a grade of "C-" or better in Psych 240 to enroll in Psych 241.
    NOTE: Completion of both MATH 101 and 102 (or a higher level math course) or Stats 111 is required before taking PSYCH 240. MATH 102 or the higher level math course may be in progress at the time of registration. Students with AP credit in Math/Statistics or students who have already taken a different Statistics course should consult a Psychology advisor in Tobin 501 to see if that is an equivalent/acceptable prerequisite for enrolling in PSYCH 240.
  • PSYCH 241 should be completed by the end of the junior year.

* Since enrollment in PSYCH 240 is both limited and restricted to declared Psychology majors, students should declare the major as soon as possible and well prior to the semester in which they wish to enroll in PSYCH 240.

How to Declare/Change into the Major

For current & admitted, students: This major is unrestricted, which means any student may declare the major.  Unrestricted majors may still have an entry process such as meeting with an advisor or attending an informational meeting.

To make good progress in the major and since most upper level Psychology courses generally are closed to non-majors until late in the registration period after freshmen have enrolled in classes, it is strongly recommended that students declare the major as early as possible and preferably by the beginning of sophomore year. Current students may declare the Psychology major at specific times each week throughout the semester. These times are posted in the Psychology Advising Center in Tobin 501 and on the Psychology website at

Summary of Requirements for the Major

Refer to the Major page located in the left menu bar to learn more.

Minimum total # or range of credits required: 37-40cr

In addition to PSYCH 100, 240 and 241, students need to complete four Psychology Core courses, PSYCH 392A (Junior Year Writing), one advanced lab/seminar/small course, two Psychology electives and Psych 494PI (IE).

Is there a minor? If so what are the requirements?
Yes - A minor is avaialble!  Refer to the Minor page located in the left menu bar to learn more.

For further information, contact:

Professor Tammy Rahhal, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
Tobin Hall 537; 545-0488

Professor Christina Metevier, Associate Undergraduate Advisor
Tobin Hall 502; 577-1267

Professor Erik Cheries, Faculty Advisor
Tobin 538; 545-2655

Professor Lori Astheimer, Faculty Advisor
Tobin Hall 539; 545-5955