Environmental Science Program

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Contact: Deborah Henson
Office: 310 Holdsworth Hall
Phone: (413)545-5226
Email: dhenson@eco.umass.edu
Website: http://eco.umass.edu/degree-programs/undergraduate-programs/environmental-science/

The Environmental Science Program is an interdisciplinary science major in the College of Natural Sciences, which is administered jointly by the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Geosciences, and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. There are many additional cooperating programs on campus, including: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, Microbiology, Resource Economics, Environmental Health Sciences, and Veterinary and Animal Science.

Program Co-Directors: Professors David Boutt and Marco Keiluweit; Program Manager and Chief Advisor: Deborah Henson; Assistant Program Manager: Craig Nicolson; Participating Faculty: Environmental Conservation – Professors Averill, Crow-Miller, Danylchuk, Elkinton, Griffin, Henson, Jordaan, MacLean, Markowitz, Milman, Nelson, Nicolson, Randhir, Schweik, Stinson, Thomas; Geosciences – Professors Boutt, Bradley, Brigham-Grette, Burns, Clement, Deconto, Hatch, Leckie, Petsch,  Richardson, Winnick, Woodruff, Yu; Resource Economics – Professors Stevens, Stranlund;  Stockbridge School – Professors Barker, Cooley, Jung, Keiluweit, Keiser, Parkash, Petit, Simkins, Xing; Veterinary and Animal Science – Professor Clark; Lecturers Milkey, Olock.